Your Guide to Knitting with Different Needles

Your Guide to Knitting with Different Needles

When you take a double-pointed needle you will use different styles and trick and it is an excellent way for knitting hat crowns and socks even though you can use circular needles here too. Instead of juggling multiple needles try this easy to understand guide.

Casting On with Double-points

To cast on, keep your new stitches only on one needle and distribute to the other when needed. To move it slide it towards the end of one side with the first cast-on stich close the edge and slip it on purl-wise onto the opposite needle. If you want to join the stitches when knitting in the round you need to join the middle stiches by swapping the first cast-on with the stich you casted on last. Even though there are various methods this is the simplest and easiest by far.

Knitting with Double-points

It might feel awkward at first but after the second row you will get the hang of it, as long as you remember you do not have a blocker at the end of your needles and you will soon be able to have a piece of knitting with multiple double-points especially when making cables.

Working with Circulars to make flat knits

This is something many refrain from, however you will find that once you are used to circular needles you will fall in love with the knitting method even when knitting a flat piece. It is a great needles as it holds all the weight and no strain on your hands when you knit something large like a throw, wrap or Afghans. What few people realize is that all you need to do when knitting flats with circular needles is simply NOT to join in the round as you normally would and that it knit just like a straight needle would, except it is more comfy.