Time Saving Tips for Knitters

Time Saving Tips for Knitters

If you are looking for ways to maximize your knitting thus in essence needle clicking, this post is for you.

Knitting styles

You need to know your knitting style, is it Continental or English style. You might be a fast knitter yourself, however watch how a fast knitter knits and you will notice that their hands never move far. This is without a doubt Continental style knitting and it is the fastest knitting method. These knitters knit while they hold the yarn in their left hand even when they do purl stich, which is tricky if you do not practice.

Knitting English style you will automatically knit much slower regardless of how fast you think you are knitting. English style knitters “throw” the yarn in order to get the yarn over the needle. However even though you can continue with your English style as there is prove that the fastest knitter in the world knits English style. Hazel Tindall, knits 262 stiches in only three minutes using English style but she minimized hand movement to less flamboyant throwing.

Knit without looking

This is something you can teach yourself and the best way to starts is using knit stich. Look away only for a couple of stiches at a time and allow your finders to see where they are going when feeling the needles and stiches. Continue practicing and you will learn different stiches as well in no time. You have to start with something simple and short and a 2 x 2 rib is one of the easiest to remember and later you can teach lace motives that has more than one repeat row.

Get a Loveknitting app

Especially when you work on a specific pattern you will love the new Loveknitting app that you install on your smartphone, laptop, tablet etc. you keep track of where you are on pattern, build up pattern collections and so much more in one place with no need for knitting books anymore.