Pinnacle of Knitting is a Sweater

Pinnacle of Knitting is a Sweater

If you are a knitter you simply have to knit a sweater as it is a knitting pinnacle for certain. At the same time is it something that is incredibly daunting for knitters as it seems like a massive project that would require lots of skill. Even though it could be difficult, you find sweater patterns that are incredibly simple and follow this guide and see how easy it will be to start a sweater.

Sweater Knitting Skills

You cannot start knitting a sweater if you do not possess a few basic skills and this include binding off and casting on and for obvious reason you must be able to make the traditional knit stitch as well as the purl stitch. Something else you have to know is how to decrease you stiches as well as increasing your work. Something else you have to know is very basic pattern reading and knowing what the knitting abbreviations stand for. Something that is incredibly helpful for all level knitters is when you open a pattern book or even online and in magazines you will notice every pattern has a skill level that they list with the pattern. It is pointless attempting a difficult or advanced pattern when it is your first knitting pattern.

Beginner Sweater

One of the best recommendations when you want to start your first sweater is to knit for a child or even baby. Even though the size is irrespective to difficulty it is something you can complete much faster. A great first jersey is to download this pattern, Absolutely Basic Baby Sweater. It is entirely garter stich with very little shaping and an excellent confidence builder. Another good place to look for very simple patterns for sweaters in Garter Stitch, is simply clicking the link provided here and good books where you will also find great easy patterns is The 30 day Sweater Book or My First Cardigan Workbook.