Knitting Looms get Exposure at Trade Shows and Fibre Fairs

Knitting Looms get Exposure at Trade Shows and Fibre Fairs

Unless you are seriously into knitting you will be surprised to know that around the world there are hundreds of annual trade shows and fibre fairs specifically for knitters. These trade shows and fairs attract thousands of individuals and corporations which are not in the least involved or related to the knitting industry or wool and fibres.

During the Alpacapalooza Trade Show in Ridgefield, WA were industries like estate developing from California called, restaurants representatives from Kentucky and even an online gaming and casino group Onlinebahisyap. These industries that has no ties with the knitting industry nevertheless often sponsor and attend events around the world.

For example the first international exhibition for the textile and Garment industry also offer potential market entry, networking and business cooperation which also have a listing of knitting retreats. This is why industries like Onlinebahisyap and others attend, as the CEO explained that they aim to cater for the ladies specifically within the enterprise offering a great team-building opportunity, thus the interest and support for these festivals and events.

During the last trade shows specific attention and focus was placed on knitting looms which grows in popularity. Even though needles are the commonest form, the knitting looms attract attention from both sexes as men feel more comfortable using looms instead of holding two thin needles between two large hands,

It is a pegged board that varies in shape, often circular and materials used are predominantly wood or plastic. In using a loom the individual wrap yarn around pegs with stitches formed by using a pick and this method can make both a flat piece of work or tubes. The advantage it has is that it can make more that simple stitches, but also cables, lace, textured stich aside from purl and knit. Your work size depends on the knitting loom’s size and this is something you should keep an eye out for as it will certainly be an industry hit.