Bamboo Stitch to Replace Garter Stitch

Bamboo Stitch to Replace Garter Stitch

As bamboo grows in popularity you also have a bamboo stitch which in essence is a great stitch, easy to make and very masculine looking. It is the type of stitch that looks excellent when knitting a men’s scarf and other household products like a decorative cloth etc. it is an ideal replacement for garter stitch and makes an excellent border as well. The bamboo stitch pattern consists of only two row and it looks great with its woven look and its simplicity makes it an ideal project when watching TV or even chatting over your bamboo knitting in a knitting group.

An important point to remember when you work in bamboo stitch is that the yarn that you pull over must remain loose and it enables more control of passing over the next time. With that said you also have to realize that if a stitch is too lose you will end up with a garment with holes in it. This is where finding the right balance comes in, your work must neither be too tight nor too loose either. When you have that balance right your pattern will have great structure and perfect tension.

When you want to do the bamboo stitch your pattern will looks best when you use a sturdy yarn for example worsted cotton. The problem with bulky yarns is that the pattern loses its definition, and that definition is what make the bamboo stitch great and desirable. The best needles to use when you knit the bamboo stitch is a circular needle. The downside of the bamboo stitch if you could call it a downside is that it is non reversible, however it has an interesting pattern too which are not necessary to hide.

How to make the Bamboo stitch
It works on a two stitch multiple and only two rows

  • First row : yarn over and knit two now pass the yarn over both the knit stitches and repeat in that fashion for the entire row
  • Second row : purl These two rows complete the entire pattern