Bamboo Knitting Needles

Bamboo Knitting Needles

Technically is Bamboo a grass which started in India and Asia while it currently grows in various parts around the world. As it is a spreading grass you only plant a little and if you allow it to spread it will cover any area rapidly. This make it great of manufacturers who want to make specifics out of bamboo and this include pipes, chopsticks clothing and incredibly popular bamboo yarn.

Knitting needles from bamboo are excellent for knitters who love the organic and warm feel and also for new knitters. It is very similar to wooden needles, however the advantages include that they are in wider variety of sizes. Easier to find and much cheaper that the wooden counterparts.

Make Bamboo Needles

These needles are made from the bamboo grass’ wood. Once it is harvested and sun dried it is cut into needle size and shaped to the required width. Then curing follows after which it is sanded. To get the tapered end it is done either by machine but just as easily done by hand. Another step of sanding might be needed now and then the end of the bamboo needle gets attached.

Bamboo Needles Qualities

If you love the earthy warm feel when you knit then you will love bamboo as they are slightly warm and the feeling in your hands are great. The contain both flexibility and strength and rather difficult to break and one of the main reasons why it is a great beginners needle is that it is not nearly as slick as plastic and metal needles.

When you knit with bamboo yarn regardless of your level of knitting it is much better to use bamboo needles as they will not split the yarn as various other needle types do. An experienced knitter will gain additional speed too when using bamboo due to its smoothness and light weight.