Baby Knitting

Baby Knitting

Most knitters are at some point called upon to knit for someone’s baby or even their own baby. There are several knitters who take up knitting for the first time simply because they want to knit for their expected bundle of joy. Take these considerations to mind when you look for knitting patterns for a baby.


Some of the most popular and highly recommended fibres for baby knitting include washable wool and cotton merely because it is easily cared for, however baby patterns come in a huge variety of fibre choices from silk to alpaca, to cashmere and bamboo. It is important to know that when a pattern calls for specific needles and wool to obey that command as the pattern will not be the same or size rather when you use different yarn and needle size.

Knitting Construction

Knitting for babies as well as children you have to keep something very important in mind and that is safety issues and also the ease of putting it on and taking it off again. You will find that getting something over a baby’s head is difficult depending on how it is knit. Instead of a crewneck, we suggest you opt for kimono style, V-Neck or cardigan styles.

Comfort is another issue as the yarn must be very soft against the sensitive skin of a baby. The safety concern is in the construction of the work as ties pose strangulations risks and when you use buttons, they must be very secure as babies could get it in their mouths and swallow it. Projects with many holes and too lacy is another problem as they tend to get caught in their own clothing. Here it is better to opt for a blankie or receiving blanket that is lacy instead of the garment itself.